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- Now, here I present to you my list of things to improve space:Dark space - Space should be black and ...2007.12.25 09:07:00
- Edited by: Dred''Pirate Jesus on 25/12/2007 05:27:26 We got the snowball launchers 2 years ago.. La ...2007.12.25 05:08:00
- If this is a torpedo change... why do the torpedoes of the enemy still have the higher range? The ne ...2007.12.25 04:02:00
- Yeah once my 1st combat main hit 40mil sp I kinda forgot about him but then again his shortest skill ...2007.12.25 02:59:00
- Merry Christmas! Load all your worldly possesions into an untanked indy named 'Polar Express' and ma ...2007.12.25 02:53:00
- Still Christmas Eve here.. But I'll take that +10 anyways..Merry Chistmas you Eveaholics.. http://fo ...2007.12.25 02:27:00
- Turn the station. There doesn't appear to be a good reason not to.Turning the station to allow easy ...2007.12.24 07:27:00
- Because nobody expects the npc alt login trap of doom.. Alt #1: Calmly tanking the locals in his bai ...2007.12.24 06:46:00
- helios drone bay is totally uber nerf the helios *whine*/signed That small drone makes all the d ...2007.12.24 06:19:00
- As far as my tank, it's an alt. The character has gunnery 1 for goodness sake. It's not a PvP charac ...2007.12.24 06:17:00
- Edited by: Dred''Pirate Jesus on 23/12/2007 09:14:07 Open the properties of your eve shortcut and a ...2007.12.23 09:12:00
- I liked the gold better but I notice blue more.. ...2007.12.23 08:08:00
- Ah yes.. Topics about ... "Omg why can't I use torps at range in missions like I used too its so unf ...2007.12.23 07:55:00
- LOLI dont think anything is going to change that. Plus, if you wanna double your monthly payment, wh ...2007.12.23 07:51:00
- Ah yes.. Topics about NPC's not getting the torp range decrease and/or "Omg why can't I use torps at ...2007.12.23 07:38:00

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