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- The only thing that needs to be nerfed is your haircut. ...2006.12.13 22:53:00
- I understand what you are trying to say, but try and compute how the average reasonable person wil ...2006.12.04 17:04:00
- You didn't think your thesis through properly: miners aren't "invisible" without local, they are ver ...2006.12.04 16:33:00
- Edited by: Semper Sanguis on 04/12/2006 13:46:20 I'm not a pseudo shrink by any means. The only fol ...2006.12.04 13:46:00
- ...but I am certainly making some assumptions about the mentality of the typical caller for the remo ...2006.12.04 13:43:00
- The OP reads like someone who had a lot of folks run away from systems he's visited recently. Kinda ...2006.12.04 13:38:00
- LinkageNice idea! Definately better than the omniscient pilot list that is local, but probably not * ...2006.12.04 13:37:00
- Really? So the fact your barges were already powering up for warp had nothing to do with it? Because ...2006.12.04 13:34:00
- So what do you do in EVE anyway? Have you ever guarded a mining op? Would you want to? Mining ops ar ...2006.12.04 13:12:00
- It's simple: the map only updates every 30 minutes. Hunters - mobile - never appear on it. Prey do.S ...2006.12.04 12:49:00
- Or... make lvl4 mission payouts and lp rewards dimish rapidly as more people do them in the same sys ...2006.12.04 12:39:00
- Sure I'd loved myself too that I'd be able to fly out there and be 'invisible' for others, unless th ...2006.12.04 12:32:00
- Certainly it does not remove the ability to chat with other people in the same system, but it does f ...2006.12.04 00:55:00
- One of the first things that struck me when I started EVE many moons ago was the feeling of communit ...2006.12.04 00:46:00
- Since you edited your post;"As it should be" IF you want to kill any semblence of "game" in Eve, yes ...2006.12.04 00:43:00

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