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- Edited by: Donkee Punch on 13/01/2010 21:32:10 Tyler > (Hidden Renter CEO), this is my CEO he will ...2010.01.13 21:31:00
- Cool story bro. I see you bolded the interesting partsI'd see what you did there, but you're too ins ...2010.01.13 16:01:00
- Good evening my fellow Eve gossip hounds. It has been with great interest that I have been followin ...2010.01.13 15:40:00
- Serious bizniss here folks, of the interwebs spaceship kind.It seems Maru' Kage contacted the leader ...2009.09.22 11:48:00
- From what I hear, Mostly Harmless are pretty much dead in the water. AFClay isn't even logging into ...2009.09.21 01:44:00
- I heard that Blue Margarine likes to be teabagged by Steel Wool c/d ??Really? I heard he likes to b ...2009.07.27 04:35:00
- As some of you may not be aware, because you really don't care, but others... oh there are other tha ...2009.07.27 04:27:00
- REPENT!! The END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH!!... ...2009.02.13 17:57:00
- Edited by: Donkee Punch on 10/02/2009 18:38:12 This is actually a decent thread.... with some insig ...2009.02.10 18:36:00
- Edited by: Donkee Punch on 12/01/2009 17:52:15 Just out of curiousity.. exactly WHEN were Caldari m ...2009.01.12 17:52:00
- So naming characters is absolutely against the policy.Can someone explain why we have such a policy ...2008.12.16 17:55:00
- Edited by: Donkee Punch on 15/12/2008 18:20:59 Niiiice ...2008.12.15 18:16:00
- CCP has done MANY things well, the fly in the ointment is when they do "fornicate the pooch" it's us ...2008.12.15 18:10:00
- "Whos dat feets I heah clip clopping ovah mah head?" - Quote from the Bridge Troll ...2008.12.11 17:49:00
- Edited by: Pattern Clarc on 11/12/2008 17:40:22 I may not sign my NDA (thus resigning my CSM place) ...2008.12.11 17:42:00

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