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- to reinforce an outpost tower only to skip out on the reinforcement battle?So they shot your tower, ...2011.06.03 18:57:00
- CCP, you've already selected the commentators for the officially "interesting" 10v10 matches, maybe ...2011.05.31 17:51:00
- Hey now Sak might be a touch portly but he hardly counts as an entire alliance by himself.Can someon ...2011.05.31 16:04:00
- Wow! Amazing how much their curse pilots suck... Dont they know how to cycle neuts!? How could 3 pro ...2010.06.13 18:52:00
- Sansha are EM/Thermal, right? In that case, if you don't want to train HAMs, this should suffice.Shi ...2009.06.08 18:42:00
- Warp speed bonus for the fourth subsystem??? <guinness> BRILLIANT! </guinness>Let's see, what else - ...2009.04.17 15:31:00
- Now I know cruisers aren't what most of you look to for ships because you can fly much better, but I ...2009.03.18 19:07:00
- Edited by: RuriHoshino on 27/02/2009 00:02:51 SB's have two, maybe three uses in 0.0. One is to be ...2009.02.27 00:03:00
- You haz it with MWD in those pics i haz it with AB purpose is to be close and orbit fast. And how d ...2008.11.07 20:14:00
- Edited by: RuriHoshino on 07/11/2008 15:08:08 Let's compare for the sake of comparing. (These fits ...2008.11.07 14:41:00
- It's entirely possible to fit out an SB with all vanilla T1 gear, which will keep your losses down a ...2008.10.28 18:09:00
- This man knows things, and he also writes things.Seriously, though. A vote for Pattern is a vote for ...2008.10.22 23:58:00
- I know speed isn't fashionable these days but you could fit it like this:5 x T2 Balsawood Internal S ...2008.08.15 13:14:00
- I'm torn, honestly. I want to be able to complain about the total lack of dev response to the feedba ...2008.08.11 18:35:00
- You're overthinking the issue. Stop acting like CCP. changes tw ...2008.08.10 23:43:00

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