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- Stupid idea.Belongs in C&P anyway. Your list will never be comprehensive, not to mention the fact t ...2010.02.23 21:43:00
- I blame CCP, Goons and EBank. If only Mitnal were still here. You bastards.Woot! Not my fault!If o ...2010.02.23 02:27:00
- Um.... U mad? Nevar! I am a former sailor, that was polite language, yes? A former sailor huh. Th ...2010.02.22 20:41:00
- They are going to be the facilities used for Dust, so they will need to have some value. It sounds ...2010.02.20 17:35:00
- We should have a funeral and bury it in solid gold. ...2010.02.19 16:25:00
- To be honest I am of the mind that deth just didn't want to get an audit done because he's not doing ...2010.02.17 23:35:00
- I love your sudden bursts of devious negative energy and evil schemes, Tesal.Can I be your useless s ...2010.02.17 23:12:00
- Haven't had one of these threads in a while. MD is dying, soon it will be dead and collapsed. So d ...2010.02.17 20:37:00
- Nudity is never gratuitous.Even if they are over 40? ...2010.02.16 03:11:00
- You are ruining a perfectly good thread! <8'sYou just wait. ...2010.02.13 16:36:00
- Your name is snapshot1406. That name is disposable and anonymous. ...2010.02.12 18:43:00
- With T1 ships continuing to hover near insurance fraud levels, and the steady dropping in price of T ...2010.02.12 18:27:00
- I have nearly all of the modules, ammo, drones and stuff. All researched. It took 9 months off and ...2010.02.12 06:22:00
- For a time two weeks ago there was very heavy manipulation at work in Jita for ozone. The prices wou ...2010.02.12 01:25:00
- lol..yarrSirmolle...lolyou are pirates!! lolEvolution, "they have been shooting people for no reaso ...2010.02.06 23:14:00

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