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- I've been in lowsec for a while now, mostly in plate heavy ships which has worked well but i want to ...2009.02.04 13:55:00
- ...2009.01.30 22:23:00
- First, it's an alt.Secondly, how does one remove ones roles so that their main can leave a corp? I' ...2008.10.27 19:49:00
- Tbh i like using my spare mid for eccm, but hype with crap webs... ...2008.10.08 21:00:00
- Harb initially had 8 guns, they removed one on sis after it became apparent how op it was Then agai ...2008.10.07 09:39:00
- Somewhere around the hundred mark, not sure which side though, and fyi that is not a complete list. ...2008.10.05 23:28:00
- And that's the dilemma. I can fit a zealot to do just over 400 dps with 4 guns (ti mf), cloak and mw ...2008.05.15 14:21:00
- It's been almost two years since i ratted any blood, or sanshas, an seeing as ccp changed my little ...2008.05.13 14:50:00
- Thank you ...2008.03.02 16:30:00
- Ah, now i see it but it's a percentage, how many shots does one of these have total? They appear to ...2008.03.02 14:59:00
- Afew days ago i finally started using tii lenses on my omen, now i know that they wear out but i've ...2008.03.02 13:53:00
- Edited by: sfjksodfh on 27/01/2008 17:30:10 Nano Mach and what happens when you get webbe4 cruise, ...2008.01.27 17:28:00

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