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- I vote for Kristina Vanszar, because I agree with those above me saying Kristina Vanszar is THE HERO ...2011.07.25 20:52:00
- is a free, online, ad free radio station. The name of the st ...2011.02.22 06:57:00
- Put 'em on the glass ...2011.01.01 13:36:00
- Start a race war in Eve, whites versus non whites. ...2010.12.30 11:09:00
- I hear a lot of complaints about EvE combat, and it seems to me that one root cause is the disparity ...2010.12.19 15:19:00
- This was taken by me last night while you were sleeping while I was in your anus. ...2010.12.18 14:24:00
- If Singularity is more commonly known as SISI, then is Multiplicity known as MUMU?Yes, I'm bored, sn ...2010.12.18 14:08:00
- Jessica Lanson, Dawne XI, Sirrobin II and a couple of other people from that channel I can't recall. ...2010.12.12 01:47:00
- Winners should be the help channel regulars. Like Keith Eaton and a few more. ...2010.12.11 23:36:00
- How could you have been more careful?You don't "beat" scams by being careful. You avoid the scam ent ...2010.12.06 09:37:00
- RECALL YOUR PROBES 4 HAITI ...2010.11.17 01:56:00
- Char prices must have gone down recently. ...2010.11.16 04:46:00
- Can I have your stuff? If not, can I have your isk? You can transfer it to this account. ...2010.02.18 22:15:00
- Central Texas here, and I'm experiencing repeated DC's and socket closings as well. Must be a region ...2010.02.14 22:16:00
- Seems uta has been sold to someone else. Bump, I'm still looking ...2010.02.08 06:19:00

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