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- Thanks for the intel, continue to keep me informed Gerard. ...2011.07.12 07:48:00
- CCP showing dedicated EvE players the 'DOOR' since June 21st. 2011._wouldn't the dedicated players ...2011.06.27 08:50:00
- I laughed at it. ...2011.06.23 02:58:00
- i've been around since Revelations II and Incarna is without a doubt, the worst expansion to-date.i' ...2011.06.18 00:28:00
- Came in expecting a thread about everyone complaining that PvE is actually difficult for once but no ...2011.01.26 16:18:00
- We are looking into this issue right now. So after the hundred threads on how this would ruin incur ...2011.01.25 16:05:00
- to save time all :bittervets: in this thread should just quit and give me their stuff, thanks ...2011.01.25 15:33:00
- hurp ...2011.01.21 08:18:00

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