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- I used to know a guy who did this a lot. He'd get probably 2-3 a night, most of the time in pimp-fit ...2011.08.31 09:09:00
- ~~bad trolling~~ Hi m8, I admire your dedication to trolling despite being a no name, from a no ...2011.08.31 08:57:00
- Sir:The advise by the gentlemen above will only part you from your hard-earned ISK. Do not go their ...2011.08.31 08:52:00
- My vote of where to go for lowsec PvP would be.. lowsec. ...2011.08.31 08:47:00
- CCP being consistent and playing the logic card as always. It's hard to be a moderator/GM when you ...2011.08.31 08:44:00
- you're blue waffle drivellol ...2011.08.31 08:41:00
- Kompostor is a corp thief; He stole over 2 billion ISK worth of random sanctum loot from the junk ha ...2011.08.31 08:36:00
- Blobbing. WH. Lost a ship. Then posting in the wrong section about it...there's probably some award ...2011.08.31 08:33:00
- Edited by: Kumq uat on 19/08/2011 03:03:40 About time it was verified I am a trust worthy person in ...2011.08.29 18:02:00
- no self respecting pvper gives a damn about killboards.Too bad you're trolling, else I'd quote that. ...2011.08.29 17:58:00
- -1/10 ...2011.08.29 17:46:00
- My scout alt died when he warped into someones plex and they blew up a structure. ...2011.08.29 13:03:00
- If you want to trap ships you should try the interdictor or heavy interdictor. ...2011.08.29 12:56:00
- you're ...2011.08.29 12:53:00
- Though you might be a troll, and in this case shame on you.Trolls have feelings too. ...2011.08.29 12:49:00

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