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- ******SOLD********* ...2011.02.21 16:16:00
- Hey Steve, first to deposit the ISK gets it... ...2011.02.21 15:26:00
- sounds good ...2011.02.21 14:58:00
- Edited by: Greymoon Avatar on 21/02/2011 16:16:21 Edited by: Greymoon Avatar on 21/02/2011 07:10:59 ...2011.02.21 05:44:00
- Okay everybody, this is how you fit out a Scorpion.4x Cruise Missile Launcher II's 2x Large Remote ...2011.01.23 14:57:00
- Edited by: Greymoon Avatar on 23/01/2011 14:49:47 I'm pretty sure I'm the only scorpion pilot here. ...2011.01.23 14:40:00
- The most epic battle I have ever been involved in. Good Fight UPS. I was quite impressed by the orga ...2011.01.17 18:13:00
- Edited by: Greymoon Avatar on 11/12/2010 02:15:48 This is garbage.... really. I routinely fly solo ...2010.12.11 02:14:00
- Anti-cloaky frigate. Make it happen.How about a dedicated cyno frigate, to replace the cyno-kestrel ...2010.12.10 02:35:00
- So you are suggesting that pilots put a ... for example... magnomtric backup array on a gravemetric ...2010.12.07 02:17:00
- Here's a suggestion: There should be battleship-sized weapons modules designed to kill cruisers and ...2010.12.07 02:05:00
- The Battleship is fine as it is. The easy solution to those troublesome ECM boats out there is to m ...2010.12.07 02:02:00
- I'm betting that Certifications will simply step in and fill the void. Look for things like Charact ...2010.12.03 22:52:00
- I dont think I'll have an issue with fitting it. But would like to hear from an owner of this ship. ...2010.12.03 22:43:00
- It is a Tech II Ship, and training is working as intended....move along.The Tech I Proteus required ...2010.12.03 10:56:00

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