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- I originally bought this char to make into a freighter pilot, then was going to go dread/carrier bu ...2007.11.26 18:13:00
- I can see a lot of you guys lived behind closed doors and had a sheltered life believing everything ...2007.07.24 00:14:00
- Edited by: Nobues on 23/07/2007 18:32:21 Edited by: Nobues on 23/07/2007 18:31:18This rule has ALWA ...2007.07.23 23:52:00
- Well reading replies here it really seems that no one really knows, I see a lot of opinions on the t ...2007.07.23 02:03:00
- Remember, sharing your username and password is a EULA violation. What is this ? I pay for the ac ...2007.07.22 17:43:00
- Very interesting concept! /signed ...2005.09.30 01:41:00
- One of the things that i love about EVE is that the players themselves are part of the on-going stor ...2005.09.29 11:03:00
- That is why they were nerfed... Seriously my Torp hitting your frig for 15 damage each time. ohh wel ...2005.09.20 14:14:00
- I have been thinking about missile defense. The missiles have been nerfed (or the training is compar ...2005.09.19 19:28:00
- mmm - test ...2005.09.19 17:58:00

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