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- Rivqa - read OP. It says right there. Fight different sets of configurations against friends in diff ...2009.03.20 15:59:00
- shameless daily bump in hopes of a dev response T_T ...2009.03.19 16:09:00
- Uhh I'm sorry if this has already been asked I tried searching this forum but didn't find anything a ...2009.03.18 16:40:00
- Well, Ok.But that doesn't really refute what the Op has said. EVE use to have Aurora run events t ...2009.02.18 18:54:00
- amazing *claps hands* ...2009.02.18 18:40:00
- I really think they should try to at least re-think keeping some of the back-story and bringing back ...2009.02.17 19:51:00
- Edited by: Aselus on 17/02/2009 07:03:25 Their objective is to show an intro that will introduce ne ...2009.02.17 07:03:00
- Not a flame or anything.. though I will say ahead of time i like the current/old backstory of earth ...2009.02.17 06:50:00
- ...thanks... is the MWD really still worth it on this thing after the nerf vs an AB? or am I just go ...2008.11.26 21:05:00
- :-P u guys aren't nice.w.. seriously though I have no idea which sets of midslot crap to stick on it ...2008.11.26 21:03:00
- yeah but would it mroe benefit froma buffer tank or a rep tank? how many EANMs vs BCUs? What miss ...2008.11.26 20:48:00
- Hey, just wondering if anyone has gotten a really good sac setup for post QR stuff. (pvp of course) ...2008.11.26 20:24:00
- This is the setup I use (with mega pulses... the hardeners are of course mission-specific, though i ...2008.11.26 19:21:00
- Hello everyone, well it's that time of the year again for our wonderfull eve-meet. This time I liste ...2008.11.22 19:17:00
- thanks for the post :-) good to hear form you again. ...2008.11.03 19:26:00

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