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- I don't see what is wrong with voice comms either. Teamspeak and Ventrillo are free. If you don't ...2006.12.19 15:46:00
- While buying rental research time from someone offering it is a sensible suggestion for anyone with ...2006.12.18 03:47:00
- /signed ...Tho Tenbu I think I was an even easier target, certainly squishier. Had a lot of fun. ...2006.12.17 01:44:00
- I try to keep myself amused:Wreathe - Train Wreck Navitas - Space Fish Hoarder - The Tick Rifter ...2006.04.18 01:00:00
- Very nice! ...2006.02.24 19:45:00
- Arghhh! (must stop laughing) ...2006.02.07 00:13:00
- From North Carolina, just started playing at the end of December. My brother is playing as well he ...2006.01.28 03:02:00
- hmmmm kor azor - aridia - synidicate - outer ring cloud ring delve NPC stations - yup plenty of slot ...2006.01.25 13:44:00
- When you are a newish character and doing things like researching small ammo to ME 10, waiting 2-3 d ...2006.01.25 13:19:00
- 1. Do you have a normal social life at all? Yes. A bit of a calm one, but at my age and with my ci ...2006.01.22 21:17:00
- Yes, mine was doing that. If you have EVE up on the hotbar it seems to cache the link (which is out ...2006.01.17 16:34:00
- Megabuster is it a TFT LCD? Yes, it matters. And "medium" chat IMHO is the better option for reada ...2006.01.11 15:58:00
- Can you get the post-bug-patch RMR fonts to be pleasing and easy to read? And if so, how. Please ...2006.01.10 22:04:00
- Edited by: Marie O''Malley on 10/01/2006 20:06:59 Also on a 1280x1024 TFT LCD. Fonts are crisp, th ...2006.01.10 20:06:00
- No, it wasn't as bad before. I could always find a slot in my station before RMR. It was off the bea ...2005.12.31 01:16:00

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