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- This started on the 5th? Man I'd be ****ed if I paid and had to wait all this time. You should never ...2006.11.22 15:08:00
- The Trit you can probably just set a buy order for at the station you want it delivered to.The Isoge ...2006.11.22 14:50:00
- HyperionGood job, removed from EVE-Files before it even hit the forums! Indeed, updated.Updated? It ...2006.11.17 18:40:00
- If theres a sizeable ISK transfer there will always be some other connection. At least a prior trade ...2006.11.17 17:08:00
- I would gladly accept a mobile refinery platform with an extremely low efficiency, perhaps 15-20%, s ...2006.11.17 16:58:00
- I smell something... ...2006.04.20 12:21:00
- A scam making me some 50-ish million at the expense of my reputation is nothing I ever would do, y ...2006.04.20 12:19:00
- Forumite I'm not after the 100k.Don't get me wrong, I for one am a big fan of properly constructed p ...2006.04.19 12:43:00
- Edited by: Forumite on 19/04/2006 12:41:21 Alright, alright. This was mostly a joke anyway on the s ...2006.04.19 12:33:00
- Edited by: Forumite on 19/04/2006 12:29:36 Edited by: Forumite on 19/04/2006 12:19:27Hm, seems its ...2006.04.19 12:19:00
- After seeing the general quality of the written advertisements here, I have decided to offer my ser ...2006.04.19 11:15:00
- You want two Chelm's Modified Cap Charger, 3 T2 Cap Charges in mid, One gang assist mod and 4 E500 N ...2006.04.13 09:35:00
- TBH, if im spending a billion isk JUST on the ship then fittings wont matter to me in cost. I WOULD ...2006.04.12 20:12:00
- Edited by: Emno on 12/04/2006 02:22:08 Fighter control mods in the highs? Or am I thinking of some ...2006.04.12 05:00:00
- although carrier works best by deploying out fighter after fighter to gang members so you shouldnt b ...2006.04.12 01:50:00

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