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- If you really want to test this then go somewhere with a kickout station, that will get thme out of ...2011.08.22 17:26:00
- Go back and ask your friends if they ever fired a shot.... or did you? If they stole from one of you ...2011.07.29 04:21:00
- As long as you initiate warp before the bubble goes up if will NOT drag you to it. However, if the b ...2011.07.27 06:12:00
- The first step I could recommend is keeping your bpo, maybe even expensive bpc, in hangar division s ...2011.07.27 05:56:00
- The basic method for deciding what to mine, if you can't simply sell the best and buy the rest, requ ...2011.07.27 05:28:00
- In PVE as a solo ship... no. If you decide to do it then have fun, fraps it and youtube it for the l ...2011.07.27 05:12:00
- Sac can be a fun little ship and, in my experience, isn't very likely to be called primary because e ...2011.07.27 05:05:00
- If you find a corp with multiple pos and/or does a fair bit of manufacturing then you could always b ...2011.07.27 04:56:00
- It's cool to see something happening here in town and not just half way around the globe. Shame I ca ...2011.07.23 15:12:00
- The general consensus is that:Tengu: PVE king, only has 1 decent pvp fit (100nm ham brick)Loki: Awes ...2011.07.23 10:06:00
- For pve lasers are good if you fight a lot of sansha/blood.. this is the only place they shine.For p ...2011.07.23 10:02:00
- 1. The main advantage of contracts are that you can buy/sell/trade items that can't be placed on the ...2011.07.23 09:51:00
- All you really need to remember is 2 simple facts;1.) The navy points do NOT function like normal on ...2011.07.23 09:17:00
- I first noticed this in the last incursion patch. The overseer does drop a wreck.. but it has the sa ...2011.07.22 03:58:00
- A typical L5 pays around the same or perhaps a little more base isk reward than a L4. Also keep in m ...2011.07.21 13:32:00

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