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- The hair options for men all sorta blowed, so bald was left and actually looks pretty good.Basically ...2011.01.21 06:53:00
- Yeah, 1200 cap every 24 sec... Not practical, at all.You blow your load and your useless until the ...2009.07.11 20:43:00
- Plz Plz tell us how they were fitted xD ___________ Really, really terribly. Rather, "outside t ...2009.05.11 19:51:00
- Edited by: Akat on 30/11/2008 23:12:47 IMO, the root of the perceived "falcon" problem is that the ...2008.11.30 23:12:00
- I'm assuming you are referring to the end of the nano curse so I'm going to call you narrow minded.T ...2008.11.09 13:43:00
- If memory serves the Redeemer can be turned into a fairly effective Tachyon Sniper.Needs a few RCU's ...2008.10.22 15:25:00
- wouldn't a nightmare be way better for pvp? i mean it also doesn't cost more and is a bit more sp fr ...2008.05.16 18:39:00
- Then the problem isn't the ship, its the docking/aggro mechanics. For if his ship were unable to re ...2008.05.11 20:52:00
- If that ship with that setup got knocked off station, it would die in a god damned fire. If it has ...2008.05.11 20:47:00
- The dread specialist is in KOS guys, he prolly rats in his Phoneix.Oh, shi... I didn't notice he be ...2007.12.25 21:50:00
- Edited by: Arcord on 28/11/2007 19:44:24 maybe it's more comparable to other fleet command ships no ...2007.11.28 20:46:00
- Edited by: Akat on 26/11/2007 14:23:36 ..And its going to be alot meaner now that it gets the +20%/ ...2007.11.26 14:21:00
- Don't grasp me!! Why you violence my boat? Iím sorry, I couldnít resist. ...2007.11.07 16:56:00
- Although I don't agree that a carrier/MS should be resricted to using ony 5 "normal" drones, I have ...2007.10.26 20:25:00
- Its not nearly as bad compared to before the nerf. Back then, it was not uncommon to see some "farm ...2007.10.09 14:28:00

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