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- I'm bumping cause you deserve to know we are still looking for you!be a Knight! ...2011.04.27 07:51:00
- Have you seen this picture in the original post!Have to say I'm proud to be a knight! ...2011.04.22 18:44:00
- Some one told me that for any new entry in KSD there's a free access to our forum!Be a Knight, Join ...2011.04.19 06:50:00
- Flying with the Knights keep you close to the good fights!Be a Knight! ...2011.04.18 08:48:00
- Damn, thats to bad I'm alteady a knight otherwise I would have SIGNED IN RIGHTAWAY!Come on be a Knig ...2011.04.15 05:15:00
- Can't wait to see it!!! ...2011.04.11 06:43:00
- Hail Lord Aralis 07Long live Leo D'Green 07 Long Live CVA 07Amarr VictorLong Live the Empress! ...2011.02.21 09:27:00
- We are your futur, it's time to admit it and apply! ...2011.02.16 08:25:00
- /bump Awake the knight that sleep inside of you! ...2011.02.08 07:14:00
- /bumpThis is your chance to join us. ...2011.01.24 13:38:00
- Knightood is good for you! ...2010.11.25 08:47:00
- Let the little voice inside of you show you the light Become a Knight! ...2010.11.15 09:26:00
- If you're not a knight yet, be fast, the stock is nearly depleted, we have heavy drinkers in here ...2010.11.08 09:15:00
- Best tast in the entire universe.Be a Knight and have a taste of excellence ...2010.11.02 12:36:00
- Fight for something, be a Knight! ...2010.10.11 09:42:00

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