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- Once Upon a time I was playing kick the CAN. It was getting dark and I had to go home. So I went hom ...2011.06.23 14:01:00
- For those of you who complain about EVE and CCP...1) Take a walk 2) Contract me all your stuff and ...2011.06.23 12:41:00
- the link contains a virus. Please lock this thread! ...2011.03.10 15:33:00
- One thing I might add is to build items that you can turn around and use should you fail at the math ...2010.10.08 13:33:00
- Daily bump. ...2010.10.04 17:48:00
- Empire based corp looking to grow BIG!- New players welcome (no trial, english speaking only) - Mis ...2010.10.01 17:30:00
- Bump for a nice toon.I've had experience selling these types of toons, you get quite a few low ball ...2010.08.10 17:53:00
- Would remote repping a frighter prevent it from getting ganked in empire? If so, how many escorts wo ...2010.03.26 18:06:00
- I"m not sure but I think large guns in a wormhole is a bit overkill. Large guns use x-large ammo an ...2010.03.03 20:01:00
- Rigs for more DPS and t2 med drones, normal fit otherwise.Don't salvage in the raven. Use a destroy ...2010.03.03 19:56:00
- Century Club...Fast roaming ships Shot of beer every minute for 100 minutes (8.33 bears in 1 hour ...2010.02.19 16:08:00
- What is the going rate of isk/SP these days?I've noticed a sharp decline but what is the reason behi ...2010.02.18 13:20:00
- Faction Warfare... ...2009.12.07 19:25:00
- You only have to do missions with R&D agents to get double RP for that day, otherwise the RP continu ...2009.11.02 21:14:00
- you can setup some sort of buy order to buy at npc prices. Forgot how I did it but It can be done. ...2009.11.02 21:09:00

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