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- The Dramiel is fine the way it is. It just follows tradition that Minmatar/Gallente makes the best f ...2010.04.04 04:42:00
- Dramiel overloaded = 10 km/s, almost like the good old days.But actually cheaper than what a Gisti A ...2010.04.04 03:57:00
- Edited by: Word on 25/03/2010 14:51:07 Edited by: Ildryn on 24/03/2010 20:08:28 I was clearing dro ...2010.03.25 14:47:00
- Continue improvement of the already existing lag feature.Eve has a built in deja'vu mode where you w ...2009.10.13 01:01:00
- The really bad people are the key loggers, isk sellers, and spammers.The player scammers will have t ...2009.10.12 23:33:00
- Edited by: Word on 05/10/2009 02:24:28 I dont know what's changed but now I use barrage with 800mm ...2009.10.05 02:21:00
- Yes, indirectly. You start the MWD, then quickly cloak and have MWD for one full cycle of the module ...2009.07.18 23:48:00
- i dont have the skills to fly a vaga, But i want to fly something CLOSE to a vaga. Without HAC s ...2009.07.13 20:51:00
- Reverse thrust is a great idea and should continue beyond stopping at zero. Also reverse align and w ...2009.07.13 20:11:00
- Started from a 0.5 system today lost a Slasher scout 180 km from the sentry, np, then finished off t ...2009.03.13 22:39:00
- I think the Black ops ship would be good if it had a spear on the nose, then you sneak up , spear a ...2009.03.13 21:45:00
- Good points and repetition and spamming worked to get the speed nerf.The Black ops is like a big ste ...2009.03.11 01:38:00
- Edited by: Word on 17/02/2009 04:45:54 Edited by: Word on 15/02/2009 23:07:03 Military experts are ...2009.02.15 23:07:00
- Big risk for Little reward of course // S I G N E D // ...2009.02.15 22:58:00
- I needed to blow up a small bubble generator, but had to get further than 100km to lock, then burned ...2009.02.15 22:02:00

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