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- 1) The small gun Thorax is NOT popular. There are not "thousands of pvp vets" using it, most Thora ...2009.05.25 20:31:00
- try these (medium sized) gang setups: I'd use heatsinks instead of wasting utility slots on frig m ...2009.05.25 18:11:00
- HAM Cerb He said he wanted good advice. ...2009.05.25 14:56:00
- One thing to bear in mind is that armor rigs cost 5 times the amount shield rigs do. You need nano p ...2009.05.25 11:00:00
- Gate camping is pirating now? Gate camping is the lamest form of pvp ever- think about it, a small ...2009.05.25 10:46:00
- ebaumsworld ...2009.05.24 15:19:00
- HACs stand no chance against a ferox never mind a drake. Just fit a neut and he's dead meat. ...2009.05.24 10:47:00
- platerax could survive, railrax could pop the bomber ...2009.05.24 10:45:00
- Keep it your hangar and spin it? I guess you could run level 1 missions if you're really that bored, ...2009.05.23 20:06:00
- The small blaster Thorax is also a comedy setup, so what's your point? It's odd that a comedy setup ...2009.05.23 19:55:00
- You definitely need a disruptor instead of a scrambler. you can engage outside scram range with thi ...2009.05.23 19:31:00
- You definitely need a disruptor instead of a scrambler. ...2009.05.23 18:43:00
- Edited by: me bored on 23/05/2009 18:17:17 I'd forget the cap booster and go for a web instead. You ...2009.05.23 18:11:00
- Off topic, but is that in game connect4 site still around? ...2009.05.23 15:43:00
- Edited by: me bored on 23/05/2009 15:40:08 Shelley09 > alright but only for a sec, sorry i am a bit ...2009.05.23 15:39:00

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