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- Is anyone needing debs for incarna for any ubuntu version? the 10.04 request was for i386 or amd64? ...2011.06.21 20:57:00
- I don't have it installed. But either I can install it in a Virtualbox, or guide someone through. It ...2011.06.16 09:26:00
- A direct link to the file with no pop-ups and annoying stuff. ...2011.06.15 21:59:00
- You can find a .tar.gz with all the .debs inside(only one is needed, like with wine1.3 done by Scott ...2011.06.15 15:50:00
- Edited by: Mamede on 15/06/2011 21:59:07 Hi , so finally I made the .deb. You can find a .tar.gz w ...2011.06.15 15:46:00
- Somehow, I can't login. Even though it was supposed to be activated. What should I do now? ...2011.06.13 21:14:00
- I have an error after compiling wine while making the .deb. I'll try to use Scott's pkgs with the pa ...2011.06.13 20:33:00
- Confirmed vanilla wine 1.3.22+patch works ...2011.06.12 18:29:00
- I'm doing a 11.04 .deb with the patch. Monday I'll come back to update(I'll be busy tomorrow) ...2011.06.12 00:34:00
- Edited by: Mamede on 12/06/2011 00:23:53 Edited by: Mamede on 12/06/2011 00:23:08 It seems the pat ...2011.06.12 00:22:00
- sorry ...2011.06.12 00:18:00
- There was a 'native' Linux client several years ago (it was, in reality, just the Windows client wit ...2011.06.12 00:08:00
- Btw I'm using wine or cxgames in linux ...2011.06.12 00:04:00
- Unable to connect to On port 2600 I have this message at login. Tranquility is ok... ...2011.06.12 00:01:00
- Not for sale. This was a hacker than entered my account and tried to sell my toon. ...2011.05.08 12:56:00

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