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- Update: Found optional patch button in the general tab, have to be logged into the game to see it.In ...2010.10.05 20:07:00
- Optional patch 2 requester popped up AFTER login was entered.Logging in a second time did not bring ...2010.10.05 19:48:00
- If there is one thing you have to give this corp, it's that we generally haven't picked the "safe" a ...2010.04.25 22:30:00
- Edited by: Duvaren on 29/01/2010 20:29:18 And of course I forget the link:Balder's Nyx stolen! ...2010.01.29 20:29:00
- Apparently he had his Nyx stolen epically.Stupid noob! You fail! Post with screen shot is on the Scr ...2010.01.29 20:20:00
- We're baaack!We will convert all in Delve to the Church of the JP. Beware. ...2010.01.26 11:41:00
- Question:Has CCP responded to the player base outrage yet? (Officially) ...2008.10.16 02:07:00
- Edited by: Duvaren on 14/10/2008 00:32:10 CMON CCP GIVE US ONE STRAIGTH ANSWER!!! OH WAIT YOU DID ...2008.10.14 00:29:00
- 3 chars per account is deeply wrong as well. Allowing only one char per account should tripple CCP's ...2008.10.14 00:07:00
- The news about ghost training being removed hurt a bit, yeah. Fair enough though, All good things co ...2008.10.13 23:54:00
-'d better be real quick cleaning out the forums of historical CCP posts about this "feature" ...2008.10.13 23:52:00
- It's a delete request. ...2007.10.24 06:24:00

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