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- Fellow pilots of EVE!The moment that I post this is one of the sadest moments in the past 6.5 years ...2010.05.03 15:52:00
- can the terrible posters from UK remember the CAOD ban and why it was put in place?I can you should ...2010.03.24 14:44:00
- ha good news! just finished the book i was reading so this comes right on time! looking forward to r ...2010.03.24 09:15:00
- no idea what happened there but the vids look funny, i like the work out rutines while the shooting ...2010.03.10 11:09:00
- i really like your 'HDR' album!!!! some awesome pics in there! ...2010.03.10 10:49:00
- ok, so apart from following others around what's your job?welcome ...2010.02.18 09:48:00
- welcome, what team have you been assigned to?QA definitly needs a LOAD of help! ...2010.02.12 10:58:00
- ah! revan is back! again!amusing stories to be told out once more!Ah Ethidium! How have you been my ...2010.02.12 10:49:00
- ah! revan is back! again!amusing stories to be told out once more! ...2010.02.12 09:45:00
- Mendolus, you're clueless and should stop posting.UK based in Providence and ran NRDS (ie neutrals c ...2010.02.12 09:38:00
- HAHAsee, there i was taking a break from eve as it was getting boring and dull!then one day i logged ...2009.12.09 09:30:00
- lasterax > GOOD NEWS lasterax > CVA WILL BE RESTORED PER GM lasterax > DO NOT SPREAD AROUND PLE ...2009.10.29 00:16:00
- information so far is that a CJ (executor) director account got hacked. cannot confirm so far thoug ...2009.10.28 19:44:00
- something has gone awefully wrong ...2009.10.28 19:28:00
- clearly this ...2009.10.23 11:04:00

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