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- Explain me member of the csm, why you still dont have for us the simple answer we all request. To be ...2011.07.01 04:49:00
- The question was simple, we asked for a simple answer. If you dont come back with that simple answe ...2011.06.28 07:16:00
- 4 ****ing years with this game. I'll miss it. This is truly the coup de grāce and this is the first ...2011.06.23 23:34:00
- There is only 2 kind of players, those who kill, and those who get shot at. ...2011.01.05 02:52:00
- I use a vargur, nothing fancy on it. Just t2 stuff. I just have max skills for that ship. All i do ...2010.12.28 06:48:00
- Apparently, you didnt dream about paragraph yet ...2010.12.26 13:54:00
- ib4 "We Form Voltron" actually suprised no one has claim yet to have a supertitan in their pant ...2010.09.30 04:09:00
- Oh come on, its not like Akita T already told them to take more time to finish tyrannis, its not lik ...2010.05.29 04:06:00
- never thought i would say that, but now i miss dominion ...2010.05.28 20:27:00
- EVE Online: Tyrannis is now live. We realize there may be issues ...2010.05.28 16:11:00
- Don't fly a mael, it's not worth it's price. You will have to spend multi Billion a ship that barely ...2010.05.21 20:47:00
- Dear ccp, please delay tyrannis alot more. Listen what Akita's is saying. He was right again... ...2010.05.15 05:01:00
- dissapointed, lack of nuke from orbit options. Oh well starcraft 2 coming in two month. ...2010.05.12 16:50:00
- We need a log that show something. ...2010.05.10 02:01:00
- yep, about time : 27 woot, ...2010.05.05 21:52:00

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