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- First name: Leonidas Middle name: ChayYes that's my name.Yes everyone screws up how to say it.But i ...2007.02.17 03:37:00
- *pokes this upwards a bit*-Jarem ...2007.02.14 12:56:00
- Edited by: Jarem Alistor on 13/02/2007 19:08:05 Wow - I go to sleep, wake up and a Dev's not only r ...2007.02.13 19:07:00
- Are you suggesting a D&D campaign played over EVE chat channels or Vent/TS??sounds interesting..Eith ...2007.02.13 09:16:00
- Okay this post is simply to see if anyone else would be interested in an idea like this.A few of my ...2007.02.13 06:39:00
- To finish the quote:"Conan! What is best in life?"Conan: "To crush your enemies, see them driven bef ...2007.02.13 06:37:00
- Heyla Bobby.Here's the deal, as I said earlier in regards to another comment, I'm less concerned wit ...2007.02.12 02:11:00
- I'm actually disappointed that no one finished the quote.Someone has to know!-as to those people who ...2007.02.10 20:22:00
- Conan!What is best in life?!-Jarem ...2007.02.10 06:34:00
- I won't go so far as to say "any" per-say.However, on a case by case basis, I'll say I'd accept "jus ...2007.02.09 11:09:00
- There is far too much sanity on this board.As such...Up we go!-Jarem ...2007.02.09 04:44:00
- For the posting of that particular video I apologize to all involved and do not hold myself responsi ...2007.02.07 16:13:00
- The Myrm is a sexy ship - better than your ugly Raven.Hater.Yes recruitment is still open.-Jarem ...2007.02.06 08:16:00
- Thought I'd nudge this back up with the update for a bit of clarification.-Jarem ...2007.02.05 07:48:00
- Up again.-Jarem ...2007.02.05 00:15:00

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