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- Could you post the un-edited version now, since it's ready, then release your official one later whe ...2011.09.06 14:22:00
- I'll pay your ******ed immersion-breaking clothing tax if you give me a short enough skirt and a tra ...2011.09.06 14:20:00
- Latest Version: 0.1 Download]Cobalt is a .NET library created for the sole purpose of downloading wa ...2011.09.04 01:26:00
- I know, that it is heretical to support the Nation, however I find that when asked to do so, I have ...2011.08.31 21:26:00
- Cool stuff. MSSQL backup is my prefered format *hides* ...2011.08.30 16:27:00
- CCP was taken so much away from this game that the true only factor left in eve is numbers. There i ...2011.08.17 19:28:00
- Hey Ghost, good job keeping your members. I'm sure Kuvakei will reward you for holding it all togeth ...2011.08.16 09:48:00
- Edited by: Niraia on 16/08/2011 09:43:37 Edited by: Niraia on 16/08/2011 09:42:53 I'm surprised th ...2011.08.16 09:41:00
- Surprising that it didn't happen sooner?Unity ...2011.08.14 12:28:00
- Good stuff, well done! I'll use this in my continued efforts to lure friends to EVE. ...2011.08.14 01:29:00
- Why are there premium accounts as well as a donation bar? Are donations just for council tax? ...2011.08.13 15:08:00
- and much like buttholes, everybody has ideas they think are brilliant and worthy of Dev noticeCould ...2011.08.09 13:54:00
- congrats mauros! i was hoping you'd win when names were announced on saturday :D Niraia > i' ...2011.08.08 07:17:00
- ...2011.08.04 13:06:00
- I enjoyed your posting! Farewell, and consider giving me your stuff so I can make a thread as cool a ...2011.07.31 15:58:00

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