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- Yeah, I've started doing some nice stills here and there.My linkage ...2007.04.14 14:21:00
- So where's the isk? :P ...2007.04.11 00:33:00
- Here you guys go, 1280x8001920x1200-Toast ...2007.04.09 14:18:00
- any chance that bloke who texted the machariel could give us the 411 on that bad boy? I'd appreciat ...2007.04.09 04:12:00
- This guy said he could do it: ...2007.04.09 03:40:00
- Hey sven, thanks for getting back to me. The model is in model/ship/pirate/pirb1/angb1shape.triAnd t ...2007.04.09 01:57:00
- I'll be posting up some more artwork as soon as I get it all finished. I'm glad you guys dig the in ...2007.04.09 01:19:00
- Thanks everyone!Sven, I wanted to talk to you about texting the Machariel, something's wrong with th ...2007.04.08 01:27:00
- Just did this today, thought it was funny. It's kind of an inside joke with my lady and I. Thought ...2007.04.07 23:29:00
- Last bump before I let this die.. :) ...2007.03.31 22:43:00
- Thanks for all your comments, everyone. I'm glad you've all enjoyed my hard work. ...2007.03.27 21:52:00
- Edited by: Toaster Bagel on 25/03/2007 13:45:00 Try this one, Microsoft WVC1 codec ...2007.03.25 13:48:00
- Just put this together. Edited over 100GB of footage from Frege Alliance's recent ops.I have two ve ...2007.03.20 19:08:00
- Yeah, that'd be great, but not very many ppl have VC-1 yet, and not very many folks can play 1080p w ...2007.02.10 04:01:00
- No your system isn't fast enough to play HD video, plain and simple. Playing eve isn't as processor ...2007.02.10 02:47:00

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