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- Buffing noobs isn't going to make them any less of a noob. It'll just make them a noob with more SP. ...2008.02.08 13:51:00
- I was wondering though, what ammo do people recommend? I'm fighting mostly angels, so ex/ki/th are ...2007.02.12 05:52:00
- My question is this: Is it a good idea to bring a T2 mission running battle ship into a 0.3 system ...2007.02.12 05:40:00
- Minimum? Level 1: Frigate - I haven't done L1 missions in probably about 9 months, but when I did do ...2007.02.12 05:32:00
- /signed I miss the warp sound. :( .. though a few of my friends seem to love it being gone. O.o ...2006.08.29 04:34:00
- Wow, we're nearing 2000 views, yet, my EVEMail hasn't hit 2000 yet... Let's get this party started! ...2006.05.25 19:17:00
- Dropped you an EVE-Mail.. Lemme know if there's anything that ya need from me information-wise and I ...2006.05.24 02:44:00
- Theme names! Yaay!!Moa : Acheron Kestrel : Cocytus Caracal : Phlegethon Heron : LetheWhen I get a ...2006.04.18 07:03:00

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