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- I got few questions too, so I am gonna hijack your thread :DAtm I am using an Arbitrator as an all-i ...2011.07.13 09:32:00
- If you doubleclick at empty space, your ship will fly in that direction. So an easy way to kite is t ...2011.06.20 11:02:00
- Just remember that your MWD will eat your cap pretty fast. So you have to pulse it. ...2011.06.19 11:51:00
- Are you using an afterburner or MWD? With an afterburner you will travel fast enough to kite npc fri ...2011.06.19 10:35:00
- Thanks for the answers.I have fitted an all in one exploration Arbitrator and moved to more empty pa ...2011.06.16 11:17:00
- HeyA few days ago I started exploration because mission running reminded me too much of other MMOs, ...2011.06.12 17:34:00

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