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- i wouldn't even consider trying to kill that could throw hundreds if not thousands of ships ...2008.05.17 15:52:00
- Haha I'd so chew you out for this if I was still in IAC, you're an embarassment to your alliance Dar ...2008.04.16 04:14:00
- Also the Minmatar AFs are both extremely nimbleUh, compared to other AF's maybe. Not to ships in gen ...2008.04.09 20:39:00
- Should an a/f really cost 7-12 mil when it's t1 variant doesn't cost more then 500k?Should a HAC cos ...2008.04.09 20:38:00
- Edited by: DubanFP on 09/04/2008 20:27:13 The first response was incorrect. 24 jamming strength on ...2008.04.09 20:30:00
- No more using a 30mil ship to gank a hauler, collect 2-3 mil worth of stuff, and make a profit?Ser ...2008.04.04 03:02:00
- The easiest solution is also the most logical: just stop paying insurance to suicide gankers for cra ...2008.04.04 01:09:00
- Ok guys, the reason CCP's april fools joke was a little, how do you say... weak this year is they ar ...2008.04.02 03:15:00
- Edited by: Erotic Irony on 01/04/2008 21:42:24 protip: sooner trash the rigs than plug into a bombe ...2008.04.02 03:10:00
- Edited by: Kraken Sra''vik on 28/03/2008 22:30:44 This is how you use bombers.To kill a single tech ...2008.03.28 22:29:00
- This is how you use bombers.To kill a single tech I tech I fit ship with TEN tech II ships? Uh, colo ...2008.03.28 20:08:00
- Congratulations, you managed to kill single ships with overwhelming numbers. ANY ship will kill a ta ...2008.03.25 23:56:00
- you will get yourself some good kills provided the circumstances are just right. I'm sorry, but t ...2008.03.25 15:28:00
- Edited by: Pestilence Aligher''ri on 08/03/2008 18:45:24 I stick to all cruise based hulls for the ...2008.03.08 21:06:00
- I stick to all cruise based hulls for the agility and for the hit and run tactics. That way I can bo ...2008.03.08 18:04:00

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