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- great service. will keep on using them untill they quit. ...2011.09.02 04:35:00
- Edited by: Bethor Invictus on 31/08/2011 07:59:46 i wanted to Say i really enjoy your service. Its ...2011.08.31 07:23:00
- i think i did the thing that most people did. Wanting to set up a buy order for 18m with and enterin ...2011.08.29 12:11:00
- Recruitment is still open. ...2011.08.29 11:43:00
- Still recruiting more pilots ...2011.08.24 10:06:00
- recruitment is still open ...2011.08.23 06:37:00
- We can always use more members ...2011.08.21 20:39:00
- Still open for recruitment, join NERF! channel and ask for a recruiter ...2011.08.19 06:59:00
- We are still looking for more pilots. Newbs and Vets are both welcome. Must have a sense of humor ...2011.08.18 13:52:00
- you might want to check New Eden Recon Force ...2011.08.17 09:57:00
- you might want to check us out. New Eden Recon Force ...2011.08.17 09:38:00
- edited start post a bit, and title. Want to focus a bit more on the pvp side. So if you are a total ...2011.08.17 07:40:00
- And we are still looking for more members. If you do want to put in an alliance offer, please add a ...2011.08.16 09:00:00
- take the training wheels of your rifter & "take a risk"who knows you might just have "fun"would like ...2011.08.16 08:53:00
- I playED EvE because I liked the Sci-Fi universe that was persistent, and was a sandbox game in one ...2011.08.16 08:50:00

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