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- Edited by: Dramaan on 29/07/2010 15:20:53 If you can't make a safe spot don't play the game go to s ...2010.07.29 15:19:00
- Edited by: Dramaan on 14/12/2009 09:58:19 3 world need suport from rich contrys to help but i mean ...2009.12.14 09:40:00
- Edited by: Dramaan on 14/12/2009 08:53:15 Is probely exploded in the air where the gravety is thin. ...2009.12.14 08:53:00
- Edited by: Dramaan on 14/12/2009 08:46:56 Can any of you none bliver come here and make it snow as ...2009.12.14 08:31:00
- I got hero is easy to type in and dictionary works good. But sound like virus. Store your picture o ...2009.11.27 04:40:00
- Hi guys. I am looking for a char thats speced for pvp. I was hoping to find one thats speced for o ...2009.11.24 09:43:00
- Edited by: Dramaan on 22/11/2009 18:56:48Sorry, was referring specifically to file-sharing of copyri ...2009.11.22 18:55:00
- Edited by: Dramaan on 20/11/2009 16:06:27 Edited by: Dramaan on 20/11/2009 14:48:20 not my fav but ...2009.11.20 14:47:00
- Well expect some to like it. This game is lackin most from the othe call of duty game a stoy you bel ...2009.11.19 04:48:00
- Wafles whit straw bery or brown chese or ice cream or sugar is yum Pancakes whit sugar or blue bery ...2009.11.16 04:34:00
- Edited by: Dramaan on 14/11/2009 08:48:18 This is not good game and why is so short game? The stor ...2009.11.14 08:26:00
- Move away from mission hubs. Or cry more. ...2009.10.25 07:37:00
- My solution is simple is to remove bonty from pod kill add the bounty on the corpse wen is deliverd ...2009.10.16 17:12:00
- Edited by: Dramaan on 11/10/2009 02:37:24 Why did my country ****ed up obce more I do not why but s ...2009.10.11 02:35:00
- If you like sin of solar empire try out x3. ...2009.10.11 02:21:00

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