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- Hi, i did send in a log file as BH requested.sorry for not mentioning char was on sisi. but, did in ...2009.09.15 02:35:00
- i subnitted a bug report. and recieved what to me is nothing more than a genaric respones. your pro ...2009.09.13 18:35:00
- I've been getting socked closed on all chars, having 1 or more chars on at same time. doesn't matter ...2009.09.13 18:28:00
- still looking for interface ...2007.02.14 19:19:00
- contact me in game ...2007.02.13 14:39:00
- Edited by: Blood Dragon1 on 12/02/2007 19:42:51 i'll offer 800m, offer good till 03:00 gmt wednes ...2007.02.12 19:46:00

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