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- This is hilarious MOAR FUTA! ...2010.08.20 14:32:00
- Dammit! If I'd known Clinic was down I'd have not bothered killing so many people today ...2010.03.25 03:03:00
- Seriously, what's with some of them? I know ccp's ship designers like a little originality in their ...2009.12.03 16:18:00
- Thanks for such a fast update! The phoon hp stats are incorrect I'm afraid, following the dominion ...2009.12.02 00:13:00
- Edited by: Talitha Pellacia on 19/09/2009 00:43:06 Edited by: Talitha Pellacia on 19/09/2009 00:22: ...2009.09.18 23:54:00
- Sold to Alli! Thankyou =D ...2009.08.27 19:26:00
- Like it says! 600mil isk! Get it while its hot =D ...2009.08.27 19:21:00
- I just trained up and finally got a Scorpion. I have to say that it's the most vulnerable battleship ...2009.05.29 05:01:00
- This is *******s. I was just about to send a really long corpmail I'd been writing. Now I've gotta ...2009.05.19 15:57:00

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