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- Your ship fits are so horribad that killing you is a service to the eve community. Check the killbo ...2011.08.30 22:21:00
- If you love him so much why don't you go marry him:mad:Go marry him bro, it will make him look like ...2011.08.30 22:17:00
- Please ignore Aryndel, he's cranky because Mittens hasn't told him he loves him recently. It's a ten ...2011.08.29 22:17:00
- Sounds like someone is jealous about my kdr~It's so big ...2011.08.18 23:49:00
- I'm happy that in 10 years time, when DarkAlexis has lead Sanctuary Pact in a bloody swathe across t ...2011.08.02 03:19:00
- it's true that all true goons are long gone...It's true that you don't know what comprises a true go ...2011.07.30 01:30:00
- If enough goons sends me 10m isk I'll even sing it for you.Forum begging?Actually its not unusual fo ...2011.07.23 02:40:00
- *grabs popcorn while DRF & DEKCoalition fight over who is the new NC while screaming "NO U" back an ...2011.07.23 02:32:00
- To the best of my knowledge goons only comprise a small portion of the Something Awful forums. Argu ...2011.07.23 02:12:00
- :skink: :skink: ...2011.07.20 01:36:00
- I'm sure Mostly Harmless fought tooth and nail to very last....Confirming we fought until we knew ...2011.07.18 03:11:00
- Goons in eve are nothing like they used to be, a once proud and disciplined people are now nothing ...2011.07.18 03:04:00
- Gewns losing space for how many times now? Can't stop loving their tears every time they are gettin ...2011.07.16 22:06:00
- Edited by: SmilingVagrant on 10/07/2011 10:06:22 Edited by: lord 2evil on 10/07/2011 04:35:48 afte ...2011.07.10 10:06:00
- There was a bit too much difference in how both corps operated tbh - No biggie and a shame it didnt ...2011.07.07 03:52:00

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