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- We don't sleep. We don't stop. We don't fear. And we never will. ...2011.08.31 04:43:00
- The AJ project is an apolitical organization that is determined to stay out of politics and join for ...2011.08.13 03:47:00
- Fire control ship.A vessel that is rather large, a good buffer and default resistances, with no guns ...2011.07.07 16:04:00
- Edited by: Drake Arson on 09/05/2011 19:22:06 Greetings pilots.A few days ago the corporation Zarat ...2011.05.09 19:21:00
- Edited by: Drake Arson on 20/02/2011 05:57:38 CCP, Would it not be better if you created a small de ...2011.02.20 05:50:00
- How about when you arrive at a gate with no traffic? ...2011.02.19 21:58:00
- Crash Upon undocking from a station? ...2011.02.19 21:45:00
- Does anyone else have the idea that Cinematics would work well for Epic arc missions only?Doing it f ...2011.02.17 22:53:00
- Well, This is new.Hi there. ...2011.02.12 04:14:00
- We will be glad to help. ...2011.01.18 20:03:00
- due to the ignorance of othersmy research will no longer be made public knowledge and i am leaving t ...2010.12.27 09:05:00
- This was faster then expected. Adapting. ...2010.12.27 09:03:00
- Congratulations to the winners. ...2010.12.27 04:30:00
- a massive breakthrough!a ship belonging to the blood raiders, a Cruor Class Frigate, was given to me ...2010.12.27 04:02:00
- I as a veteran of the Defense of Deltole pledge myself to the Synenose Accord. May we make Nation ...2010.12.02 08:05:00

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