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- Old station interiors were awesome.New station interiors were okay but pretty bland.Static image is ...2011.08.15 07:35:00
- …also, a lot of that will be inaccurate in a not-to-distant future.Some of it is inaccurate right no ...2011.04.13 21:06:00
- A lot of stupid indeed. If it makes almost as much as blitzing its not ruined, obviously.No, scave ...2011.04.13 19:28:00
- Given the state of humanity and given internet forum posting in general, perma-"rolling your eyes" i ...2011.04.13 18:13:00
- Why? ...2011.04.13 18:07:00
- Lot of stupid in this thread.Yeah, salvaging isn't as good ISK as blitzing but who cares? It's not t ...2011.04.13 18:01:00
- I've played this game for six years with one account. I have my untrained alts in various places to ...2011.04.13 13:42:00
- Edited by: Irani Firecam on 13/04/2011 01:46:50 High sec level 4 missions currently has a higher ea ...2011.04.13 13:23:00
- Edited by: Wet Ferret on 11/04/2011 10:01:16 The game needs more isk sinks to match the increased n ...2011.04.11 10:01:00
- Stop the ThiefIt's the only mission that requires any kind of tank ...2011.03.30 23:16:00
- Just wanted to say that I've build effective level 3 mission runners (solo) on trial accounts.You do ...2011.03.29 12:33:00
- He only mentioned agent quality. Whether sec will be removed is unclear. "Tyrannis mission unbalan ...2011.03.27 17:14:00
- Edited by: CCP Dropbear on 27/03/2011 13:47:28 Hey guys awesome infoThanks a ton Dropbear, always s ...2011.03.27 15:15:00
- My dream is coming true DEATH TO IRJUNEN ...2011.03.24 19:59:00
- Well, the only downside would be it's in 0.0 That can be a significant problem but if you can work a ...2011.03.24 07:53:00

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