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- of course ...2011.02.21 21:34:00
- bump ...2011.02.16 22:58:00
- I know many have issues with blob fights but I'm trying to post some ideas on how to reduce lag. Ver ...2011.02.16 20:52:00
- Currently reinforcing a node requires it to be take offline so only happens if a node dies or during ...2011.02.16 17:33:00
- (and 2) 3. Slow boating. We already have a way to anchor to a warping ship by 'fleet warp' feature ...2011.02.16 16:14:00
- First, you must know I have very little knowledge about the code or any internal process of the game ...2011.02.16 15:33:00
- The 4 probes scanning approach is true. I used to have a 5 probe setup which worked through most of ...2009.12.04 17:07:00

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