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- o7My condolences, always sad to hear of the passing of a pod pilot. ...2011.07.05 17:41:00
- Assuming it still works you need a majority of the corps to vote for a new executor.(PS Assuming its ...2011.07.01 09:34:00
- If you'd like to donate to the Galactic Express Outpost Fund we'd be happy to accept. ...2011.06.30 07:59:00
- The prices are just to high for a vanity item. It's a vanity item, how can you place a specific val ...2011.06.22 11:06:00
- The prices are just to high for a vanity item.I mean seriously if it was for a special ship or modul ...2011.06.22 10:55:00
- StuffI agree with Chribba, perhaps CCP should repay him and all the other freelance developers who h ...2011.06.16 07:31:00
- Mate just some friendly advice, I'd look to grow your corp and then find a 0.0 alliance. Most allian ...2011.06.09 08:19:00
- GEPT might be the corp for you.I am generally very understanding of folks real life and it would tak ...2011.06.09 04:58:00
- If your considering 0.0 then GEPT might be for you :).Contact me in game for details :)Meci ...2011.06.09 04:50:00
- We could use you in GEPT :)We might look like a big company but we aren't as big as we look. We have ...2011.06.09 04:44:00
- Mate GEPT might be a good home for you.We already have several folks with alts so that's not a big c ...2011.06.09 02:52:00
- Mate we might be fore you, live in Cobalt Edge.System has abcm ores, also is a band 5 system.We have ...2011.06.09 02:39:00
- We could use more pilots. We got some EU guys in the corp (Czech, Dutch, English, etc). Corp is spre ...2011.06.09 02:36:00
- No such thing as really guaranteed safe space.At the moment our space is getting quieter and safer w ...2011.06.09 02:29:00
- Petition with it on the forums I think in billing but look at the areas, tell em you have a PLEX and ...2011.05.06 09:12:00

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