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- PDP11,1,14,34,49,80,117,143,28,82,91,54,76 ...2011.07.26 09:12:00
- Does CCP remember that there is a substantial number of people that play this wonderful internet s ...2010.09.07 00:51:00
- I'm also looking to join an Aussie Corp in a Wormhole so I thought I'd add to this thread. Current C ...2010.06.29 14:28:00
- Tonight is CCP stress testing the diversion to this forum as part of the implementation planning. Th ...2010.05.25 13:05:00
- Edited by: PDP11 on 17/04/2009 01:31:08 Autopatcher failed to complete Step 1/3 with downloading fa ...2009.04.17 01:21:00
- Manual and autopatcher now working. ...2009.03.17 13:06:00
- I'd suggest a new Learning skill that increases the time limit above 24 hrs for skills on the Queue. ...2009.02.25 02:35:00
- Any chance of publishing Gross User Product or tax collected down at the Region level or have every ...2008.02.20 13:37:00
- I'm in the experienced category with my main character in an NPC corporation. Only have the one char ...2007.12.18 05:28:00
- A Learning skill called 'Curriculum' to implement 'stacking' of training with one additional skill a ...2007.04.06 16:01:00
- I've now been hit by this bug and it is a major pain when mining with drones. ...2007.03.26 19:19:00

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