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- Are target painters useful in PVE or are they a PVP item. What race ships/guns benefit most from usi ...2011.04.19 23:05:00
- sounds great, i could do alot with that. ...2011.03.29 02:08:00
- Edited by: Governor Arnie on 10/07/2010 02:49:51 So I guess everyone is saying they are all right w ...2010.07.10 02:47:00
- Hmm, 60 some typo fixes. Colored light syncing for Dellienware computers. Trying to force high sec m ...2010.05.28 00:50:00
- What's with the 1000 player limit in jita, and is it going to get lifted? Does this mean CCP is actu ...2010.05.27 20:08:00
- Following our normal scheduled downtime it was quickly discovered that the database required re-inde ...2010.05.25 14:03:00
- Hey whatever you do don't pick Oracle. We have it at work and the company nearly went under cause of ...2010.05.25 13:57:00
- they're just testing extended downtime before the patch. they know 16 hours won't be enough, so they ...2010.05.25 13:50:00
- Thats' good to know. Thanks. ...2010.01.05 05:09:00
- Move the TRASH IT option away from MAKE ACTIVE. I don't know how many times i have come real close ...2009.11.16 16:00:00

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