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- I would really dislike MTs going into the everyday items that are available through EVE. That said, ...2011.06.25 19:34:00
- Edited by: Liberty Belle on 22/06/2011 02:41:35 I think that alot of folks oversold themselves on w ...2011.06.22 02:39:00
- Constratum is the perp.In my absence, my officers have to learn the lesson of having a soft hand wit ...2010.09.04 12:21:00
- ah, excellent - answer1. filter is part of scanning which was stated in devblog as not wor ...2010.03.13 16:54:00
- Just did a quick run through of the new planetary system - this is really neat. Just a couple questi ...2010.03.13 16:28:00
- Collateral Loan Service: 10m to 100m (2-week): 7.5% (10m Increments) 10m to 100m (4-week): 10% (10 ...2009.01.01 18:53:00
- If you're looking for a smaller corp with a friendly atmosphere and experienced players, consider MB ...2007.12.08 13:25:00
- Looking for extended period researching jobs (Battleships, Freighters, etc)Can dedicate 3 ME, 3PE, 1 ...2007.11.16 02:53:00
- 1.2bil FIRMFirst to evemail or convo me takes it. Located in Ignebaener.Or will trade for Tempest BP ...2007.11.16 02:41:00
- Greetings,I have been interested in getting a new system for the upcoming Trinity release, but I am ...2007.11.11 13:53:00
- MBT Interstellar is an established and profitable 'Empire' corp, but in order to grow we need help a ...2007.09.27 03:58:00
- Edited by: Liberty Belle on 10/03/2007 21:25:27 Initially, I like it, what works of it...Hoever my ...2007.03.10 21:28:00
- The item database says that omber refines to 307 isogen per 333 units of omber. With a perfect refin ...2007.01.03 08:08:00
- MBT-I is an Empire-based, multi-profession corporation looking to add a couple of decent people to o ...2006.12.28 17:07:00

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