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- 1. Nozh should be moved away from capital portfolio 2. Nozh doesn't seem to know how target painter ...2009.11.20 05:26:00
- Edited by: Matalino on 13/08/2008 20:30:37 How about all those who want T2 BPO's removed from the g ...2008.08.13 20:48:00
- Guys, I have a huge pile T2 BPO's lying here, and invention kind of moved my profits from Monster HU ...2008.08.13 20:30:00
- blah blah blahWindjammerWhile T2 BPO's are worth comparatively less then they once were, it is beyo ...2008.08.13 19:58:00
- Yeah, lets get rid of T2 BPOs. I agree.Going after moons is a lot more than just an issue of testic ...2008.08.13 17:42:00
- I agree, completely. However, while it is apparent that neither you nor I have any T2 BPOs, one of ...2008.08.13 17:20:00
- The T2 BPO issue is pretty interesting too. I imagine there is a means of fixing it without "moving" ...2008.08.13 16:57:00
- I have no T2 BPOs. That being said, I'm all for getting rid of them, however in a manner much diffe ...2008.08.13 16:42:00
- Aw, it looks like somebody is mad as hell over the T2 BPO thread that Toman made.It looks like someb ...2008.08.13 16:27:00
- Edited by: Danyael Tyren on 13/08/2008 16:26:29 Yeah, the static, sedentary nature of the T2 BPO ma ...2008.08.13 16:26:00
- This might be a good way to let 0.0 alliances get involved in Faction Wars. They pick a faction, the ...2008.08.12 14:52:00
- What's happening with the cold hard space ideology?CCP decided they like carebear money more. ...2008.08.06 16:18:00
- I would also like to point out how horribly out of balance this puts the isk/risk ratio. Running lev ...2008.08.06 15:29:00
- And that is still possible. But we want to discourage people to gank for giggles. It's just not spor ...2008.08.06 14:39:00
- "Welcome to World of Minecraft, where you can macro to your hearts content in the warm, cuddly embra ...2008.08.06 14:24:00

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