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- No. ...2011.07.04 09:52:00
- Supported.I'd like a client that works, not something shiny that I can't play the game on. ...2011.07.04 09:49:00
- Absolutely not supported. This whole thing about a small, vocal minority of players not liking micro ...2011.07.04 09:46:00
- I have had issues with running EvE online for quite awhile now. Persistent connection issues with th ...2011.06.12 04:24:00
- Problem has not been resolved with the 1.6.2 patch, still the same issues. ...2011.06.12 03:34:00
- I've had this error report pop up on relatively consistent occasion ever since the Incursion 1.6 pat ...2011.06.10 09:20:00
- A mining based UI would be a good idea. Supported. ...2011.02.18 13:12:00
- Graphics change yes, mechanics change no. Supported ...2011.02.18 13:08:00
- An intractable board listing candidates and campaign messages would be a great idea. Sort of how a v ...2011.02.18 13:00:00
- As far as 0.0 stations are concerned yes, they should be destructible. Though for the exact same rea ...2011.02.18 12:58:00
- This is a small part of a larger problem with the petition system. But yes, it needs to be fixed. I ...2011.02.18 12:54:00
- Supported. ...2011.02.18 12:51:00
- Low sec systems in every way need a re balancing in the value to risk ratio. Supported. ...2011.02.18 12:49:00
- The only thing this "solution" will result in, is the continued abuse of resource balances in favor ...2011.02.18 12:46:00
- Like the idea. Do something about the bots already. I know this is one of a thousand topics on bots, ...2011.02.15 05:08:00

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