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- Slower than I though but it is happening just saying. ...2011.07.16 18:41:00
- The solution is not to fight.The people who do this live off small corps who have no PVP skills at a ...2011.07.05 01:30:00
- This is why we should protest on mass, unlike most governments who pretend to listen but don't have ...2011.06.26 20:41:00
- Will you lemmings please just quit and go play with tanks or something.Some of us think MT is a grea ...2011.06.26 16:20:00
- Ok.... moving on 20:00 is several hours away. ...2011.06.26 16:07:00
- 15 minutes? What are you, pussies? Log off for couple days at least, 15 minutes doesn't show anythin ...2011.06.26 13:42:00
- Edited by: Cheekyhoe on 26/06/2011 13:10:49 made, ...2011.06.26 13:10:00
- Well I'll be bumping this thread all week to see if we can do this properly.Can only hope that it wo ...2011.06.25 19:28:00
- Why is it that trolls are the only people who seem to respond?I never said I would unsubscribe that ...2011.06.25 19:17:00
- This is not just a protest for the Aurum it's about a better eve. ...2011.06.25 18:56:00
- shuttles can smartbomb? ...2011.06.25 18:18:00
- Need more cowbells ...2011.06.25 18:12:00
- Edited by: Cheekyhoe on 26/06/2011 16:16:50 I noticed that the current protest is in action however ...2011.06.25 18:07:00
- Hmm I guess I didn't put that clear enough...While CQ is enabled it is impossible to remain in the s ...2011.06.22 20:01:00
- While docked to station -> client continues to eat huge amount of cpu even the client is minimized. ...2011.06.22 19:15:00

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