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- that's a bit eerie, even knowing how it works. ...2008.11.24 04:12:00
- You're all slow....0.009sYou're faster than nerve conduction speed, even with a reflex arc. I'm call ...2008.11.24 03:05:00
- That dog's a pretty good skateboarder. ...2008.11.24 02:49:00
- Mitnal's making his rounds, taking names and punishing the EvilDoers.Run for your life! ...2008.11.23 23:46:00
- I really want the infested Domi. ...2008.11.22 20:09:00
- Thanks for burning my eyes, Funnzer. Aren't you special I played PE years ago and found it to be a m ...2008.11.22 06:55:00
- You could see the one whale at the gunwale was a bit frustrated at the escape and likely briefly con ...2008.11.21 06:20:00
- I'm more interested in the apparent synergy between the i7 and the tri-channel ram addressing capabi ...2008.11.21 05:37:00
- Also linguistically, it's interesting to see it referred to as piracy, and not terrorism.Profit moti ...2008.11.20 02:15:00
- I think logging off should be allowable only when your ENTIRE house is on fire. None of this sissy ' ...2008.11.18 07:46:00
- logitech MX™ Revolution Linkage I own myself one of these, which is pretty nifty. Faultlessly ac ...2008.11.18 07:09:00
- Hmm, seems internally coherent, independently verified (provisionally), and physically possible.Sure ...2008.11.18 06:23:00
- Simple, really. Don't use sifts unless you're considerably closer than 0.5 AU. I almost never fail t ...2008.11.18 00:56:00
- Recently, CCP has been significantly better in rolling out stuff approximately when they indicated i ...2008.11.17 07:02:00
- Or ECM drones Carrying lights in a 50m3 ship is dooming yourself to death when you run into a ship w ...2008.11.17 06:23:00

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