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- how is your diary for the next few days? apprently we need a virgin! ...2011.09.09 13:33:00
- for a rough idea of value there is an char value tool online, afraid i cant recall the link and don' ...2011.09.08 12:41:00
- ill throw 10b into the bidding to get it moving on a 10B ...2011.09.08 12:34:00
- #35! :D Awesome ... now whos at 33 .... Chribba - can you do a rundown of the top 50? I'll try d ...2011.09.08 08:18:00
- Ranked #184actually quite low given the amount of time i have been active on the forums! ...2011.09.08 07:05:00
- I predict this thread will be linked in the petition to get your accounts un blocked for macro use " ...2011.09.07 16:04:00
- well it is better to lose it for 2 weeks than them destroy your account with isk laundering and what ...2011.09.07 16:01:00
- OP and replies are all so wrong 1. there were 50 G-Vex in game 2. you cant compare to a titan, as y ...2011.08.23 20:43:00
- an post that is fun to read.. getting more and more rare!sounds like you had some fun getting that b ...2011.08.23 15:36:00
- I work, thus downtime has no effect on me, not that i log in much anyway!Are you at work at the mome ...2011.08.23 10:05:00
- I work, thus downtime has no effect on me, not that i log in much anyway! ...2011.08.23 09:54:00
- 15 what :P ...2011.08.22 12:46:00
- btw, the font you are using, really sucks. ...2011.08.22 12:19:00
- Logon statistics Time online 473d 20h 15m Daily average 3h 59m 45s Logon count 6,494 that is ...2011.08.22 10:58:00
- Only on condition we can just stop answering at any point we like.. like they did... to be fair that ...2011.08.22 10:53:00

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