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- -2 accounts ...2011.06.25 14:02:00
- Edited by: Nhi''Sidaris on 24/06/2011 18:48:12 Quit 2 accounts here 6+ years running. Sad affair. ...2011.06.24 18:48:00
- Wonder how much more info must Failout give to the higher-ups until they get the picture. These are ...2011.06.24 18:36:00
- Did you think you were so important you had to loudly announce your departure on the forums? Serious ...2011.06.24 18:34:00
- Voting with my dollars. I've enjoyed this game for a long time, but I feel that the recent developme ...2011.06.24 18:30:00
- 2 characters, 10 planets in nullsec. 1 P4 chain, and coolant on the spares. Making about 35 mil a ...2010.09.01 18:49:00
- I think Halborn put it best, really. Do you want to pay up front or amortize your costs? If the late ...2010.08.27 17:09:00
- Don't let the trolls on the forums detract you. My thought always was that boys who invest too much ...2010.08.24 20:56:00
- Heh, this reminds me of the good old days when you'd get posts from new characters talking about hea ...2010.08.20 19:35:00
- You don't need a certain type. However, I do use a Prorator and LOVE it for PI... Large enough stora ...2010.08.16 21:03:00
- Edited by: Intense Thinker on 09/07/2010 16:47:15 No, PLEX is an in-game item like any other. If yo ...2010.07.09 21:06:00
- That would explain why my production lines went from producing some stuff to almost nothing after I ...2010.07.06 19:34:00
- Ok, so if I'm understanding you correctly here is the scenario:I have two extractors pulling 1300 p0 ...2010.07.06 17:08:00
- This is more to populate positive reaction to PI for CCP who might be looking at the forums wonderin ...2010.07.06 16:47:00
- Is that the question though? My impression is that what he is asking is how does one route multiple ...2010.07.06 16:42:00

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