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- Flechette in all honor, but in a crowded place it can give alot of collateral damage. Gauss is good, ...2006.06.24 20:30:00
- Edited by: Kaeleron on 24/06/2006 12:16:51 I prefer my 18.5mm close quarters flechette gun. It fold ...2006.06.24 11:53:00
- Intaki people must be upset by your change of hearts although this is of no matter to me.Can't say M ...2006.06.22 15:36:00
- I would Like to say that it would no way be a cheap production. The cost of special effects and big ...2006.06.22 11:55:00
- Edited by: Kaeleron on 22/06/2006 15:26:27 Now for some reason I get the feeling that this new part ...2006.06.22 11:48:00
- . . . and in the overwhelming din of bickering and rhetoric of it's associates Krysalis Industries ...2006.06.21 12:08:00
- So wrong in all the right places. ...2006.06.16 17:08:00
- Well Vapor was involed . . . not as shocking as I originally thought. ...2006.06.16 16:53:00
- Well I do know that the Solist compound remaining on Intaki has some defensive industrial ability so ...2006.06.16 16:46:00
- I suppose I have caused enough trouble for this to warrant my attendence. I am not due to depart for ...2006.06.09 14:38:00
- Indeed. I have to understand my enemies in order to destroy them. Then I can sleep well knowing that ...2006.06.03 13:24:00
- Miss SpitfireI cannot recall a time when I have even spoken to you. I must say I am flattered you ta ...2006.06.02 23:35:00
- There are good pilots in this universe and there are great pilots in this universe. No matter which ...2006.06.02 15:03:00
- Well either way you look at it is comes down to a roll of the dice doesn't it? ...2006.05.28 00:50:00
- So rather than just make everything multispectral maybe a way to change your sensor type? That way y ...2006.05.28 00:27:00

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