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- If someone does something wrong, then they should apologise. Should we expect an apology anytime soo ...2011.07.02 17:20:00
- So if there haven't been plans for non-vanity items, does that mean a spawnable golden Scorpion is n ...2011.07.02 17:18:00
- They could only talk about it if it is false.There was a sticky about it which I can't find anymore ...2011.07.02 17:07:00
- From #tweetfleetCCP_OhWell CCP OhWell PR and Legal departments are translating the statement as I t ...2011.07.01 18:53:00
- Trebor is comparing to a sausage on Twitter. Guess we know what that means. They killed and mangled ...2011.07.01 18:14:00
- Even a new player who has never played WoW before will reach lvl 20 within 1-3 days. Knowing one su ...2011.07.01 11:16:00
- I play games to balance what I do when I don't play games. I don't see why I need to focus on RL mor ...2011.07.01 11:14:00
- That's entirely their own fault. They said something stronger than that (no microtransactions in EVE ...2011.07.01 09:24:00
- i still have no idea why they couldn't keep the old station view.Obviously they need to force people ...2011.06.30 20:08:00
- Oh come on seriously they are just trying to make it easier for the noobs to slide into their bodies ...2011.06.30 13:47:00
- Any ship sold for Aurum will cost an equivalent ship built by the players to purchase.So I take it y ...2011.06.30 13:29:00
- Edited by: Saving Face on 30/06/2011 13:26:58 Edited by: Saving Face on 30/06/2011 13:26:35 Dammit ...2011.06.30 13:26:00
- I like the analogy but you really have to say what your cheese is when you pick a character. Is your ...2011.06.30 11:08:00
- It's about what I spend on groceries for one week. Probably a bit short if I count all the basic ing ...2011.06.30 10:59:00
- It's not even lunch time in Iceland. Yes, they won't have anything until the pub visit in the late ...2011.06.30 10:51:00

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